An Audience With Jimmy Savile

_56361179_013246729-1Here is a picture of Jimmy Savile holding his OBE as he receives his Knighthood from the Queen. Apparently, so the Daily Mail would have us believe, after inveigling himself into Charles’s life as a mentor and adviser, Savile was granted unprecedented access across all the royal palaces upstairs and downstairs.

Imagine that? The DJ was not just at ease with the Queen’s family, but every bit at home with her servants, too. Please see below, a picture of Jimmy Saville wearing the badge of his knighthood and receiving an honorary degree from the University of Bedfordshire.


‘He was in and out of Buckingham Palace,’ recalls a footman. ‘He would often ask if there was any gossip about the royals, and when you look back, maybe he was building up information which would be useful to him if he ever needed leverage. Lots of people were taken in by his fame, which he used to get people to open up to him. I never heard tales of any sexual abuse, but it was perfectly normal to see him with an arm round the young housemaids and other female servants.

‘We were all taken in by him, and thinking back on it now is frightening.’

Indeed it is. This week an uncomfortable spotlight has been shone on those royal links Savile so assiduously cultivated, thanks to the devastating new play, An Audience With Jimmy Savile, in which the broadcaster is chillingly brought to life by the impressionist Alistair McGowan. Here is what ‘The Telegraph’ has to say about the play,

‘The casting of impressionist Alistair McGowan as Savile had seemed foolhardy, reinforcing the old comic persona of the eccentric charity worker draped in jingle-jangle jewellery and chomping on a cigar. Initially it looked as if McGowan would stay close to the surface, but slowly he teases out a riveting, revolting performance that is by far the best thing of the evening.’

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing a disturbing pattern developing here. Knighthoods, CBEs, OBEs, honorary degrees and all for folk who have had to be near senile, dying or six feet under before anyone thought to inquire, in any measure of detail, into what exactly they had been doing to the nation’s children over the years. The CSA Inquiry will be commencing when exactly?

‘An Audience With Jimmy Saville’ is playing at the Park Theatre, if you can get tickets I suggest you go & see it.


Until 11 July. Tickets: 020 7870 6876;

Musician Roy Gaynor had child abuse images – including 15 minute film


A MUSICIAN and songwriter had a USB stick containing more than 300 indecent images of children in his pocket when police raided his home, a court has heard.

Roy Gaynor told officers: “Everything you’re looking for is on there” moments after they visited the property in Sea Road, Boscombe, as part of an investigation into the downloading of indecent photographs of child sex abuse victims.

The 68-year-old had a total of 323 pictures and moving images, including 152 in category A – the most serious of the divisions – as well as 26 in category B and 145 in category C. One distressing film timed at more than six minutes long involved the abuse of a baby less than a year old, while another film of more than 15 minutes in duration involved a youngster under the age of 12.

Gaynor had downloaded the footage and images between March 2011 and March 2015, and told police he had sourced the images “erratically”, admitting he found them “titillating”.

He said he had started accessing such images following the death of his eldest son from a brain tumour 10 years ago.

At a sentence hearing before a judge at Bournemouth Crown Court, prosecutor Carolyn Branford-Wood said officers from Dorset Police‘s Paedophile Online Investigation Team (POLIT) attended Gaynor’s home after receiving information from the National Crime Agency. “A search was commenced at the address and in the right-hand pocket of the trousers [Gaynor] was wearing, a USB device was found,” she said.

Gaynor, who admitted 16 counts of making indecent images at a preliminary hearing in March, describes himself as a guitarist, singer and ‘prolific songwriter’ with more than 30 years of experience performing with bands and orchestras on website Starnow.

Earlier this year, the defendant was seeking performers for a new musical called Up the Ressie, said to be loosely based on his own childhood experiences in 1950s London.

Anne Brown, mitigating for Gaynor, said the defendant has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity since the death of his son.

“The defendant recognises that he needs help,” she said.

“He recognised [that] from the moment the police knocked on the door [and he had] the crashing realisation he had done something very wrong.”

Ms Brown said Gaynor ploughed £82,000 of his own money into producing a musical with the express intention that all money raised would be donated to the Brain Tumour Trust, a charity for which he has helped to raise £42,000 in less than a decade.

Recorder Nicholas Haggan QC expressed concern that Gaynor recruits children for parts in his musicals online.

However, Ms Brown said there is “no suggestion whatsoever he has been contacting children on the internet for any nefarious or sexually-linked purpose”.

Mr Haggan – who said the images were “disturbing, to put it neutrally” – sentenced Gaynor to a three-year community order, during which time he will work with specialists from the Thames Valley Sex Offender Programme.

He will also been subjected to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for the next five years.