Migrant Workers, Whatever You Desire


‘This is the sharpest increase in [Romanian & Bulgarian] migration since the boom year of 2007. The fact that it has occurred despite measures to restrict benefits underlines the need for Britain to renegotiate with the EU about the terms of free movement of workers.

-Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrant Watch UK

We’re having scary discussions about migrant workers these days, the kind of scary conversations that keep you up at night. First world health workers having recently worked Africa being sent back to the developed world with Ebola? Well, what about all those diseased migrant workers lurking in various affluent western nations illegally. God only knows what ailments they’re bring into the country with them. An upsurge in certain types of crime?(and given the massaging of police statistics even that’s suspect), blame those lurking, lurky migrant workers. Especially those who have the courage to admit they’re from Bulgaria or Romania. Blame them, don’t try to figure out ways of helping those who just might be prey to organized gangs, just blame them.

Which is when we find that we’ve helped encourage, nurture, and even nourish, a variant of employment that has nothing to do with human decency, and everything to do with the inhumane ‘sport’ of human exploitation. Now, there will be those who have enjoyed thoroughly the lucrative fruits of migrant exploitation via pirate video touting, pick pocketingand racketeering. And there will be some who will not have a clue what I’m talking about. But there will also be others who will have registered some degree of peripheral uneasiness about ‘stuff’.

Like for example,the ‘father figure’ walking closely behind an unaware commuter, a man who looks nothing like the children accompanying him. Perhaps you may even have found yourself working for a community centre in the business of helping asylum seekers and migrant workers. Perhaps you may even have found yourself encountering in that job migrants who weren’t really migrants (and most certainly were a part of our organized crime problem) but merely scam merchants ruthlessly exploiting the poor and the vulnerable.The Home Office certainly have (take a close look at their bulletin on English Language Centres posted on the Gov.UK site).

All these are underground practices and all are practices that would be speedily nipped in the bud, were the government to take a much more humanely proactive approach towards solving the so-called migrant problem. But hey, it’s not like doing that will win them the next general election.