Ghana’s Catholic Bishops hit the streets to protest….against condoms…..


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference hit the streets of Accra, after a two-day international Pro-life conference to protest against artificial means of birth control such as the use of condoms, abortion, sterilization and vasectomies.

Over 1000 participants including professional men and women in the fields of medicine, nursing, science, law, politics, academia and the media joined the float to fight against the Culture of Death through the teaching and promotion of the Gospel of life.

Excerpts of the placards read, “Every life is created in the image of God, protect it!,” “Abortion is a sin, stop it!” “Life starts from the womb, protect it!,” sex is for married couples only,” “protect the unborn child,” “eternal values-life and faith,” abortion is evil, stop it!,” don’t kill our future generation,” “not ready to be a mother? No sex,” international organizations stop promoting abortion in Ghana, “African governments stop promoting the culture of death.”

The Catholic Priesthood strongly held that such mechanisms promote the culture of death that has come to Africa in the form of population control measures imposed on us by multi-national organizations.

According to them, it is against the moral teachings of the scriptures and therefore, anything that hinders procreation must be disregarded.

The Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, the priests, religious bodies and laity of the Catholic Church in Accra ended a two-day International Pro-life Conference in Accra from 7th to 8th August under the theme, “Protecting Life and Family Values in the Continuing Culture of Death.”


Speakers, leaders, advocates, activists, researchers from Europe, America and Arica where brought together to discuss a wide range of topics pertaining to the issues of the dignity and sanctity of human life and the defence of marriage and family.

A communiqué issued at the end of the tow-day conference declared that the family is a cradle where life is welcomed, nurtured and protected.

Thus, every family, with marriage at its core, must create a conducive environment where the inestimable value of life is emphasized and upheld.

It noted that sacramental marriage is instituted by God as a permanent and indissoluble union between one man and one woman; open to live and love.


Thus, other forms of unions such as homosexual unions and adulterous unions are inimical to the mind of the Creator-they undermine the integrity of the human being and the family and as such should never be promoted or supported in our society.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference, in a resolution, will continue to resist the persistent and pernicious attempts to impose population control on Africa by wealthy philanthropists, donor nations and international organizations who are pursuing this agenda subtly under the platform of sexual and reproductive and health rights.

The Ghana Catholic Bishops have resolve to work with government, other faith-based organizations and the civil society groups as well as the media to promote and sustain the importance of faith and family in human development, public education and in the social order.

By Abubakari Seidu Ajarfor,


Life sentence for predatory paedophile who ran children’s homes in North Wales


John Allen a former successful entrepreneur who ran children’s homes in North Wales has been sentenced to life in prison for the historic molestation of children who had been in his care.

Now 75, the predatory child molester subjected 18 boys and one girl – aged seven to 15 – to horrific rapes and other sex attacks, buying them flashy motorbikes to keep them quiet, and even ordering them to line up in queues for brazen assaults in his study.

He preyed upon youngsters at three separate homes among his growing portfolio of 50 care centres in North Wales, Cheshire and ­Shropshire – providing specialist care for a total of 500 ­troubled ­children.

Mr Justice Openshaw ruled that John Allen, who regarded himself as so powerful as to be untouchable, would have to serve 11 years before he can even apply for parole.

That is half the 22 years he would have received if he had been given a determinate sentence.

At Mold Crown Court, John Allen – who claimed throughout that he was a victim – instructed his barrister only to say that he was innocent.

“All I am instructed to say is that he maintains his innocence of all charges,” said John McDermott, QC.

The judge said that John Allen had been a powerful man with the homes he ran and one witness had said that he was like a God.

He said: “There have no doubt been more prolific offenders. Seldom can anyone be facing sentence for committing such grave offences against so many victims over such a long period of time causing so much anguish and misery.”

Victims, some of whom described themselves as survivors, accepted the abuse as part of the routine of being “a Bryn Alyn boy”.

Many boys did not speak out at the time.

It was clear that others raised concern with social services and the police after absconding “but it was never investigated”, he said.

Complaints had been dismissed as being incredible – the word of young disadvantaged boys in care against the seemingly successful and powerful John Allen.

Mr Justice Copeland said that the system of supervising and monitoring of Bryn Alyn was at the time wholly inadequate, boys did not complain because they knew it was quite pointless to do so, and that “gave the defendant the belief that he was untouchable” and he continued to offend.

The judge reviewed each charge in his sentencing remarks and said one of the most shocking was a sex act against a boy aged 10 who had been held down by another man.

One boy had told how he had not washed for two years because he knew Allen lurked around the shower room.

Some men had broken down and sobbed when they recalled their experiences as children as the incidents came back to haunt them.

One told how his life had been a nightmare and he had felt suicidal and another told how he believed it was now time for justice not just for himself but “for all those not here anymore.”

“The procession of sad and broken men, aged beyond their years, is a poignant reminder of the damage done by this sort of offending,” the judge said.

It was encouraging that as men they found considerable relief in coming forward, being treated sympathetically and being believed by the jury.

“I hope their experience encourages others to come forward,” Mr Justice Openshaw said.

The judge commended the officers who led the investigation, thanked the jury for considering “this extremely important and grueling case” and said if they wished he would excuse them from jury service for the next 10 years.

Defendant John Allen, was described as a formidable force, regarded as God by many of the children, and he would drag youngsters from their beds while on night duty and abuse them.

Allen denied 40 charges of historic sex abuse between 1969 and 1990 but was convicted after a seven week trial at Mold Crown Court.

The latest trial follows a fresh probe by the National Crime Agency’s ongoing Operation Pallial inquiry.


10 North Wales child abusers took their guilt to their graves


TEN suspected paedophiles would have been charged with abusing children in North Wales care homes if they were still alive, it has emerged.

So far, 59 people have received correspondence from detectives to provide reassurance their stories were believed, despite the fact their alleged tormentors can now never be brought to justice.

Operation Pallial, an ongoing National Crime Agency probe, has identified 120 potential suspects of predatory sex attacks against vulnerable youngsters between 1953 and 1995 — up to 40 of which have now died.

Some victims are now opening letters from government lawyers telling them 10 suspects would have been put in the dock if alive today.

One victim, who was routinely raped in a North Wales care home, said: “It’s of some comfort to hear that finally we are being believed, but it still shows the authorities weren’t bothered all those years ago.”

A National Crime Agency (NCA) spokesman said: “It’s about giving feedback to these victims.“It’s the best we can do in these cases, telling people their abusers would’ve been charged if they were still alive.”



In the very building in which we now sit

The above Youtube clip is Tom Watson MP, expressing concern about the manner in which historic allegations of child abuse were dealt with previously.

‘Lord Janner abused children inside the Houses of Parliament, an MP has claimed as the allegations against the suspended Labour peer intensify.

Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale who has played a leading role in efforts to expose historic child sex abuse in Westminster, said Leicestershire police had told him how the peer “violated, raped and tortured – some in the very building in which we now sit”. He was speaking under parliamentary privilege.


He made the startling claim in a Westminster Hall debate in which MPs debated the Crown Prosecution’s decision earlier this year not to press charges against Lord Janner despite finding “sufficient evidence” to prosecute him on 22 offences of historic paedophilia.

Lord Janner’s family has insisted he is “entirely innocent of any wrongdoing”.

Alleging that Lord Janner’s crimes were conducted at the very heart of British politics, Mr Danczuk told MPs: “The shocking thing is that the CPS admits that the witnesses are not unreliable, it admits that Janner should face prosecution, but refuses to bring a case.

“I know the police are furious about this and rightly so. Anyone who has heard the accusations will be similarly outraged.I have met with Leicestershire Police and discussed the allegations in some detail. Children being violated, raped and tortured – some in the very building in which we now sit.”

He added: “If Lord Janner really is too ill to face prosecution, then why can’t the courts establish this with a fitness to plead process?

I agree with Mr Danczuk, who I believe may be laying his career on the line by pursuing this issue, why can’t they?


Vatican arrests former ambassador on child sex abuse charges


A former Vatican ambassador has been placed under house arrest and will face a criminal trial on child sex charges.The action against Józef Wesołowski, 66, is the first time that the Vatican has charged a high-ranking official with paedophilia. If found guilty he could face up to 12 years in prison.

The Polish-born cleric was recalled from the Dominican Republic in August 2013 after the archbishop of Santo Domingo told Pope Francis about rumours that Wesołowski had sexually abused teenage boys in the Caribbean country. Prosecutors there say he allegedly paid boys as young as 13 to masturbate.

In June a Vatican tribunal found Wesołowski guilty of abuse and imposed its toughest penalty under church law: laicisation, or returning to life as a layman.

Being defrocked meant that he lost his diplomatic immunity and the Dominican Republic has opened an investigation into accusations that he paid boys to perform sexual acts.

The Vatican had been criticised for protecting Wesołowski from legal action by the Dominican authorities by recalling him last year.

The case has also been a test of whether Francis is willing to prosecute a crime that the Vatican has long sought to blame on priests, rather than direct representatives of the pope himself.

The Vatican said the arrest reflected the wishes of the Pope that “such a grave and delicate case be handled without delay, with the just and necessary rigour”.


Francis has said that no Catholic clerics who sexually abused children would escape punishment and has described paedophilia as an “ugly crime” and likened it to a “satanic mass”.

Wesołowski is the most prominent church figure to be arrested since Paolo Gabriele, a former papal butler convicted in 2012 of stealing and leaking private papers of the former pope Benedict XVI.

The Pole was granted house arrest in a Vatican apartment on medical grounds rather than being detained in its prison – a small number of rooms attached to a courthouse.

It is unclear whether Wesołowski would be jailed inside the Vatican, or in an Italian prison, if convicted. What is clear is that unlike Lord Janner who we are told is suffering from Dementia this former Vatican Ambassador will suffer the full brunt of the criminal law.


Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests for child abuse


Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests in just two years, for molesting children, according to a document obtained by the Associated Press.

The statistics for 2011 and 2012 show a dramatic increase over the 171 priests removed in 2008 and 2009, when the Vatican first provided details on the number of priests who have been defrocked. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi confirmed that the figures were accurate.

Prior to that, the Vatican had only publicly revealed the number of alleged cases of sexual abuse it had received and the number of trials it had authorized.

While it’s not clear why the numbers spiked in 2011, it could be because 2010 saw a new explosion in the number of cases reported in the media in Europe and beyond.

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s UN ambassador in Geneva, referred to just one of the statistics in the course of eight hours of sometimes pointed criticism and questioning from the UN human rights committee.

The statistics were compiled from the Vatican’s own annual reports about the activities of its various offices, including the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which handles sex abuse cases. Although public, the annual reports are not readily available or sold outside Rome and are usually found in Vatican offices or Catholic university libraries.

An AP review of the reference books shows a remarkable evolution in the Holy See’s in-house procedures to discipline pedophiles since 2001, when the Vatican ordered bishops to send cases of all credibly accused priests to Rome for review.

Imagine that, four hundred priests sacked in just over twenty four months. But here in the UK we’ve allowed Lord Brittan to go to his death bed in peace, Lord Janner to develop Dementia and Jimmy Savile & Cyril Smith were buried six feet under before we found out about their prolific child abusing tendencies. Let’s face it, we’re not quite up to the standards of the pontificate yet, are we?




An Audience With Jimmy Savile

_56361179_013246729-1Here is a picture of Jimmy Savile holding his OBE as he receives his Knighthood from the Queen. Apparently, so the Daily Mail would have us believe, after inveigling himself into Charles’s life as a mentor and adviser, Savile was granted unprecedented access across all the royal palaces upstairs and downstairs.

Imagine that? The DJ was not just at ease with the Queen’s family, but every bit at home with her servants, too. Please see below, a picture of Jimmy Saville wearing the badge of his knighthood and receiving an honorary degree from the University of Bedfordshire.


‘He was in and out of Buckingham Palace,’ recalls a footman. ‘He would often ask if there was any gossip about the royals, and when you look back, maybe he was building up information which would be useful to him if he ever needed leverage. Lots of people were taken in by his fame, which he used to get people to open up to him. I never heard tales of any sexual abuse, but it was perfectly normal to see him with an arm round the young housemaids and other female servants.

‘We were all taken in by him, and thinking back on it now is frightening.’

Indeed it is. This week an uncomfortable spotlight has been shone on those royal links Savile so assiduously cultivated, thanks to the devastating new play, An Audience With Jimmy Savile, in which the broadcaster is chillingly brought to life by the impressionist Alistair McGowan. Here is what ‘The Telegraph’ has to say about the play,

‘The casting of impressionist Alistair McGowan as Savile had seemed foolhardy, reinforcing the old comic persona of the eccentric charity worker draped in jingle-jangle jewellery and chomping on a cigar. Initially it looked as if McGowan would stay close to the surface, but slowly he teases out a riveting, revolting performance that is by far the best thing of the evening.’

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing a disturbing pattern developing here. Knighthoods, CBEs, OBEs, honorary degrees and all for folk who have had to be near senile, dying or six feet under before anyone thought to inquire, in any measure of detail, into what exactly they had been doing to the nation’s children over the years. The CSA Inquiry will be commencing when exactly?

‘An Audience With Jimmy Saville’ is playing at the Park Theatre, if you can get tickets I suggest you go & see it.


Until 11 July. Tickets: 020 7870 6876;