Pending Invasion of Hordes of Happy Wahabi’s?

Bernard+Hogan+Howe+gD2eflT9FU3mHas anyone ever involved you in a car crash intentionally? I ask this because these days in Harrow, the likelihood of an intentionally caused, unintentional road traffic accident is something of a hazard. Not that you’d guess it from the ‘all is well we’ve got it all under control’ reporting of the local police. First the fraudster selects her victim, and then she facilitates the collision (usually at a roundabout or on a nice quiet though very long road).

The victim flummoxed and confused climbs slowly out of the car to be well-met by a casual passer-by (the fraudster’s mate). Before you know it the victim has taken the blame for an accident they didn’t cause and all parties wander off happy and relieved. The victim is relieved because nobody died, the fraudster because they’re about to receive a payday boost. Now, I know this because some Hackney Cab drivers told me. The police also know this but they haven’t shared their pearl of wisdom with the general public, because ‘all is well in Harrow’.

It’s kind of like the drone helicopters they told us about, after they’d raided a couple of houses for cannabis and illegal migrant workers. Here we are believing that they’re assiduously hunting down nefarious criminals, when in reality they’re out and about pursuing some Neo-Con agenda. Which brings me back to my favourite police officer, and yours, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

For Sir Bernard has expressed considerable concern….about Iraq. He is dreadfully worried that the hordes of happy Wahabi’s (yes, that is what they are calling them), will be happy no longer once Iraq gets its land back. Indeed they may become so unhappy that they decide to quit the sunny climes of Iraq and jump on a Virgin Airways plane straight back to England. In his words ‘Should there be large numbers returning it puts great pressure on all of us to make sure that we’re kept safe’. Note those words ‘all of us’ I take it he’s referring to the Neighbourhood Champions (one wonders if he will be handing out tasers and truncheons), and not just the Taxpayer salaried forces of law and order.