The Wire This Ain’t: Drug dealers jailed for gang rape of addict in Peckham….


A gang of drug dealers from London have been convicted of the kidnap and rape of an addict who had run up a debt.

The 28 year old couldn’t repay 1000 pounds she owed so they held her captive in a flat in Peckham.

Bristol Crown court heard how in June 2007 the gang grabbed the woman and threw her into the back of a van.

She sold heroin and crack for them in Swindon but was kidnapped when she couldn’t repay her £1,000 debt.

She was driven to Reading and then to a flat in Peckham where she was held captive and repeatedly raped, tortured and threatened.

Her terrifying journey was traced by police from the defendants’ mobile phones.

The following day she was given more drugs to pedal and put on a train back to Swindon.

The gang will be sentenced in 3 weeks time

Christopher Vernon, 31, was found guilty of kidnapping, false imprisonment and three counts of rape.

Tunasho Chisanga, 29, was guilty of kidnapping, false imprisonment and two counts of rape.

Modele Adenekan, 22, and Shane Nevins, were both found guilty of kidnapping and false imprisonment.

Vernon and Nevins were also found guilty of conspiracy to supply class A drugs, which has been admitted by Chisanga, Adenekan and Ndidi.

(An extract from LBC bulletin)



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