Violent drug dealers each jailed for a minimum of 37 years for the street gun death of innocent mother caught up in attack between gangs


(Article taken from the Kilburn Times in 2014)

Three gangsters who shot dead an innocent nursery teacher with a submachine gun as she celebrated her 24th birthday have been jailed for a total of 111 years today.

Hitmen Hassan Hussain, 29, and Yassin James, 20, sprayed bullets at mother-of-one Sabrina Moss and her friends as they sheltered from the rain in their party dresses outside a bar.

Her friend Sabrina Gachette, also 24, was lucky to survive after being hit in the back with a sawn off shotgun during the attack on the high street in South Kilburn, northwest London.

The Moss family said Sabrina was ‘irreplaceable’ and that they could not express their grief.

Ms Gachette described herself as a ‘broken woman’ in a victim impact statement read to the court and said she still suffers from sleepless nights and panic attacks.

The two women were only hit because they were standing next to the intended targets – members of the South Kilburn Gang.

The attack was fuelled by a drugs-based turf war between Hussain and the SKG – also known as Family About Cash (FAC) or Money Making Family (MMF).

Getaway driver Martell Warren, 23, was also associated with the Kensal Green Boys (KGB), a gang which has been involved in a deadly tit-for-tat dispute with the SKG since 2007.

Hussain, James and Warren were sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 37 years for murder at the Old Bailey.

There was applause and cheering from the public gallery as the sentence was passed.


Judge Stephen Kramer said: ‘You Hussain and James were armed with a Mac 10 machine gun and with a sawn-off shotgun.

‘Warren you had driven the gunmen to the scene knowing full well what was afoot.

‘You unleashed a volley of shots from the Mac 10 and shotgun and fired indiscriminately into the group.

‘Your real targets were members of the South Kilburn Gang who you knew to be there and intended to kill.

‘It was an intended execution in which an innocent victim was killed. Sabrina Moss was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

‘Despite prompt medical attention at the scene and in hospital, at 6.04am she was pronounced dead from wounds to her chest sustained in the shooting.

‘Sabrina Gachette sustained serious and nasty injuries. Pellets from the shotgun had pierced her body, 50 were found in her back.




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