Dear God! Another One?!

hqdefault Our name is legion for we are many….One might well believe it  where Conservative party climate warming deniers are concerned, but who does what Peter Lilley did? Check out the ‘They Work For You’ website wherein you will discover that, from April to December 2014 Mr Lilley was paid £35,250.00 for ‘consultancy work’ . The company who paid him? None other than Tethys Petroleum Ltd.

One could say that Tethys Petroleum is quite a treasure, after all in this age of Exxon Mobil, Shell & Cuadrilla, a petroleum company that operates at a loss is really quite exceptional. Year over year, Tethys Petroleum Limited has seen revenues shrink from $36.9M USD to $27.4M USD, though the company was able to grow net income from a loss of $17.1M USD to a smaller loss of $16.0M USD. How exactly does the whole ‘operating in an industry where profits are being made hand over fist, yet still operating at a loss’ thing work? Somebody savvy in business will have to explain it to me…..

Meanwhile, Tethys appears to have solved its financial woes by entering into a major new funding deal with the Assaubayev family of Kazakhstan. John Bell, Tethys’ executive chairman, believes the deal will solve the company’s funding issues. Would that be the Assaubayev family who allegedly entered into a deal with Scot Rudmann to invest $100 million dollars in his hedgefund, if he allowed them to withdraw $25 million? Apparently the deal soured, kind of like Peter Lilley’s relationship with Greenpeace, no $100 million materialised, and Mr Rudmann found himself obliged to take them to court. Nice company Tethys is keeping eh?

As for Mr Lilley, former member of the Energy and Climate Change Committee up to & including March this year, here is what he had to say in favour of renewable energy, In the video, Lilley said that the chancellor, George Osborne, “wanted to get people into key [government] positions who could begin to get the government off the hook from the [climate] commitments it made very foolishly.” He added: “We could well see certain amendments to the Climate Change Act, cease to make it legally binding, make it advisory.”. Aren’t we lucky he won’t be attending the UN’s  global summit on climate change in Paris? 2015-01-01-paris


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