Cuadrilla Versus Lancashire Council On this one! Please sign the petition!!!!


In Lancashire, a critical vote is taking place where county councillors could either slam the doors on plans to drill for shale gas, or give way and let the fracking industry in. 

And right now, it’s neck and neck! Seven councillors have voted for fracking, with seven others standing against.

Councillors are set to meet on Monday to try and break the deadlock, so it’s a race against time to win this.

We’ve just launched an urgent petition calling on councillors who voted against fracking to stay strong and to use their influence to talk others round. Please sign then share it far and wide!


Fracking – or hydraulic fracturing – is a destructive and dirty process using a mix of water and chemicals to blast rocks and release trapped gas and oil. Not only have these chemicals been linked to water contamination [1], but burning more fossil fuels pumps more carbon pollution into the air, warming the planet further.

If Cuadrilla – the firm that wants to drill – wins in Lancashire it could pave the way for communities across the country to be opened up to a reckless dash for gas.

Cuadrilla’s throwing everything at this. They’ve already rolled out a massive leafleting campaign to try and influence the debate [2]. They’ve shelled out thousands to local businesses and sports clubs in an attempt to win favour [3]. And they’ve even gone as far as trying to silence protesters by taking out a court injunction against community groups [4].

The Democratic Party can't decide what it cares about most: its liberal base, which cares about the environment, or its campaign coffers, which receive major donations by energy companies.

The Democratic Party can’t decide what it cares about most: its liberal base, which cares about the environment, or its campaign coffers, which receive major donations by energy companies.

But here’s where it gets even worse: It looks like Cuadrilla could take Lancashire council to court, if councillors chose to vote down plans to frack.

With the risk of an expensive court case on the table, some councillors have spoken out about the incredible pressure they’re under. So at this crucial moment, we need to let them know that if they take a stand against fracking, we’ll be there to fight their corner.

I’ve signed the petition telling Lancashire councillors not to buckle to the fracking industry. With a final decision set to be made on Monday, this is as urgent as it gets. Can you quickly sign too?


We don’t know which way this one’s going to go, it’s just too close to call. But we do know there’s one thing the fracking industry doesn’t have — and that’s people power. It’s people power that led to a freeze on fracking permits in Scotland and Wales. And it was people power that led to bans on fracking in France and New York.

These victories show that when we work together, we can win — even against the odds. So with just days to go before the final decision on fracking in Lancashire, let’s give this everything we’ve got!

With all my thanks,


PS. Yesterday, Lancashire council threw out one of Cuadrilla’s applications to frack for shale gas. Let’s make sure they throw out the second one too. Sign the urgent petition here:


UK Green Peace E-Mail June 2015


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