In the very building in which we now sit

The above Youtube clip is Tom Watson MP, expressing concern about the manner in which historic allegations of child abuse were dealt with previously.

‘Lord Janner abused children inside the Houses of Parliament, an MP has claimed as the allegations against the suspended Labour peer intensify.

Simon Danczuk, the Labour MP for Rochdale who has played a leading role in efforts to expose historic child sex abuse in Westminster, said Leicestershire police had told him how the peer “violated, raped and tortured – some in the very building in which we now sit”. He was speaking under parliamentary privilege.


He made the startling claim in a Westminster Hall debate in which MPs debated the Crown Prosecution’s decision earlier this year not to press charges against Lord Janner despite finding “sufficient evidence” to prosecute him on 22 offences of historic paedophilia.

Lord Janner’s family has insisted he is “entirely innocent of any wrongdoing”.

Alleging that Lord Janner’s crimes were conducted at the very heart of British politics, Mr Danczuk told MPs: “The shocking thing is that the CPS admits that the witnesses are not unreliable, it admits that Janner should face prosecution, but refuses to bring a case.

“I know the police are furious about this and rightly so. Anyone who has heard the accusations will be similarly outraged.I have met with Leicestershire Police and discussed the allegations in some detail. Children being violated, raped and tortured – some in the very building in which we now sit.”

He added: “If Lord Janner really is too ill to face prosecution, then why can’t the courts establish this with a fitness to plead process?

I agree with Mr Danczuk, who I believe may be laying his career on the line by pursuing this issue, why can’t they?


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