The Navitus Windfarm Project……after centuries of Conservative politicians & fossil fuels who needs it?

Here is a picture of the Google Logo, Google love sustainable energy so much that they have entered negotiations to invest $700 million in the largest windfarm project.The project will span 40,000 acres, raise Kenya’s energy capacity by 20 percent, and be an enormous boon to a country where less than 25% of the population has access to power.


Here is a picture of the windfarm project which Navitus wishes to construct, it will occupy 37,807 acres, which is an area the size of Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch combined. It will be about 13 miles out to sea from Bournemouth and Poole.


Navitus Bay Development Ltd, a joint venture between EDF and Eneco, has said that it has every confidence in the proposals, which it claims will bring £1.62 billion into the area’s economy. It looks nice doesn’t it? Plus it will provide 70,000 households with sustainable energy what an attractive, alluring, modern proposition. Here is a picture of another Google logo. Now, imagine all those happy African householders tapping into all that good, clean energy, it certainly does my heart good.


Here is a picture of Robert Drax MP for Dorset South, Mr Drax is the latest in a very long line of Conservative MPs to hold this seat, in fact his party have held this seat for two hundred years. As a result, Mr Drax feels that when it comes to good, clean, energy, he knows what is best for his constituents.


Mr Drax MP does not like the wind farm, in fact he has stated that “The development will desecrate one of the most beautiful parts of our country”. Desecrate? This is Poole Harbour & the Bournemouth Seafront we’re talking about, thirteen miles out from them in fact, not Stonehenge. 

As aware as I am that sitting up on Sherwood Road, glancing around at the palatial housing and looking down onto various yachting clubs and across Poole Harbour, can be an almost ‘religious’ experience.


I must confess that I have yet to attribute those same ‘spiritual’ feelings to the experience of sitting on a park bench across the harbour from the commercial clutter of various yacht buildings and factory premises down the lower end of Poole, where all the great unwashed – and unemployed – sit. It seems to me, that they might benefit from the employment that the Navitus windfarm would provide, but I digress, here’s a picture of one of the wind turbines Google is investing more millions in.

MakaniPowerMachine0513NoSkyNow here is a picture of Robert Syms, MP for Poole which has been electing Conservative MPs for over fifty years (there’s hope they’ll change their preference then….eventually).


Having decided that he also knows what’s right for Poole, Robert Syms told attendees of the parliamentary debate called on Monday, that the “strength of opposition” in his constituency had been highlighted as he campaigned during the general electionThis is the gentleman of whom it was said by Emily Bradbury (one of his constituents) that, 

“I feel very strongly that in his unwillingness to attend any of the five hustings arranged. He treats his constituents with contempt,”

This is the gentleman who made so many visits to Poole during the General Election that I had to do a Google search just to find out what he looked like.

On behalf of the same constituents he couldn’t previously be bothered to visit, Mr Syms MP has declared that the Navitus Windfarm  is “a very real threat to yachting, birds, the community and the view,”.

The view?

  • 78 of the most powerful wind turbines creating 630MW of clean sustainable energy,  
  • Enough renewable energy to power up to 700,000 homes each year. 
  • Offsetting approximately 1,290,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. 
  • Potentially a minimum of 1,700 local jobs during the four year construction phase and 140 local permanent jobs annually for the 25 year operational life of the project. 
  • Significant opportunities for local businesses to become part of the project’s supply chain by providing their services and products. 

Taking the long term view what’s not to like?


Never mind! Here’s a pretty picture of the Whitelee Windfarm near Glasgow. Deary me, this one’s on land & accompanied by a visitors centre!


WWF Scotland published figures claiming that wind power generated enough power to supply the electrical needs of 98 per cent of the country’s households on average in 2014. The annual average suggests that the SNP’s target of generating the equivalent of 100 per cent of the country’s electricity was all but met in 2014, six years ahead of the party’s 2020 deadline.

Here’s another pretty picture, this time of Amsterdam’s latest sustainable energy project. Can’t you just smell all that good, clean, air?


Please see the ‘Challenge Navitus’ – as opposed to global warming – webpage.


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