EXCLUSIVE – Rolf Harris’s vile jail song: In shock letter from cell, shamed star reveals ‘country rock’ lyrics that damn his sex victims as greedy ‘wenches’

Above is a specially animated version of Dave Lee Travis’s rendition of what must surely have been his favourite song as he exploited his celebrity status, to indulge in various sexual assaults with under age girls, that have led to him being obliged to attend court, & serve some considerable time in one of her majesty’s prisons. But what of Rolf Harris? Well, it would seem he has not been idle either. Here is Mr Harris posing with a CBE the queen once gave him (it is back in her hands since it’s now obvious he didn’t deserve it).


Rolf Harris has written a song from his prison cell castigating his victims as money-grabbing mercenaries intent on claiming compensation.

Harris, 84, targeted girls as young as seven, but in his lyrics he displays no remorse for his crimes. Instead, he describes the victims whose lives he wrecked as ‘woodworms’ who have ‘climbed up out of the woodwork from 40 years ago’.

He sneers at the women he indecently assaulted, saying: ‘Perhaps you think you’re pretty still, some perfumed sultry wench?’


The words are contained in a letter Harris sent from Her Majesty’s Prison Stafford to someone close to him. He was so appalled at its contents that he passed it to The Mail on Sunday. In the letter Harris insists he will record the song ‘the moment I get out’, arrogantly assuming he will get parole and walk free ‘towards the end of 2017’.


Astonishingly, the former children’s entertainer also talks of ‘the injustice’ of his incarceration and of his cushy life behind bars. Here is Mr Harris, before things became a little ‘unjust’ for his liking, receiving an honorary degree from Liverpool Hope University. But I digress, back to Mr Harris’s ‘pending’ country music release.

His loathsome song prompted Liz Dux, a solicitor from Slater and Gordon, who represents his victims, to call for him to be denied parole, especially as many of his victims have spent years in therapy to cope with the aftermath of his abuse.


Excerpts from a Daily Mail article dated 13 June 2015 are included in this post


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