Lives Destroyed For Profit


-Private Eye

‘We humans must be the most depraved and corrupt species that ever walked the earth. No other creature enslaves as we do,for pleasure of power and profane profit. Humans capture, imprison and enslave all of creation, plants and animals, and their own kind too, and bend them to their will. Humans are the slavers of this world. No more wooden sailing ships ply the waves filled with sickened and prostrate Africans chained in their own vomit and waste, destined for the cottonfields of America or the plantations of the British territories. Their labour, sweat and tears filled the coffers of the traders in Liverpool and Boston, and the banks of London and New York. Now, the slavers are the sex tourists and traffickers travelling in style across oceans and continents to ravish the weak, who have been born into poverty and live in chains of debt (Father Shay Cullen,Slavery Now & Then, 2007). 

If Harvey Proctor is innocent of any ‘historical’ wrongdoing, then I feel certain the sympathies of the general public will go with him. Just as I am certain the sympathies of the general public went with Gary Glitter, when he was initially accused of being a sex tourist out in Asia all those years ago, and prior to any arrests and convictions. If however Mr Proctor is arrested, charged and then prosecuted, I would suggest that readers bear in mind what a man who spends his days rescuing unwanted children, has to say about the nature of adult sexual interest in children and sex tourism in Asia, it is nothing more than the most depraved kind of human slavery. Should the establishment choose to ride to the rescue of Mr Proctor please bear in mind the article below, concerning an ‘abducted sex slave’ whose father was told, that the power of the men who had enslaved his son was  such, that if he valued his life he wouldn’t continue to demand to know, what had become of him.




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