Lives Destroyed For Profit


-Private Eye

‘We humans must be the most depraved and corrupt species that ever walked the earth. No other creature enslaves as we do,for pleasure of power and profane profit. Humans capture, imprison and enslave all of creation, plants and animals, and their own kind too, and bend them to their will. Humans are the slavers of this world. No more wooden sailing ships ply the waves filled with sickened and prostrate Africans chained in their own vomit and waste, destined for the cottonfields of America or the plantations of the British territories. Their labour, sweat and tears filled the coffers of the traders in Liverpool and Boston, and the banks of London and New York. Now, the slavers are the sex tourists and traffickers travelling in style across oceans and continents to ravish the weak, who have been born into poverty and live in chains of debt (Father Shay Cullen,Slavery Now & Then, 2007). 

If Harvey Proctor is innocent of any ‘historical’ wrongdoing, then I feel certain the sympathies of the general public will go with him. Just as I am certain the sympathies of the general public went with Gary Glitter, when he was initially accused of being a sex tourist out in Asia all those years ago, and prior to any arrests and convictions. If however Mr Proctor is arrested, charged and then prosecuted, I would suggest that readers bear in mind what a man who spends his days rescuing unwanted children, has to say about the nature of adult sexual interest in children and sex tourism in Asia, it is nothing more than the most depraved kind of human slavery. Should the establishment choose to ride to the rescue of Mr Proctor please bear in mind the article below, concerning an ‘abducted sex slave’ whose father was told, that the power of the men who had enslaved his son was  such, that if he valued his life he wouldn’t continue to demand to know, what had become of him.



Fuhrer Cameron’s Kubla Khan!

589_13_674_I1 ‘Crime has fallen right across the country’

#Prime Minister Cameron

Sixteen thousand police posts have been but, according to the Prime Minister this is perfectly fine because crime has fallen all across the country. Eleven hundred jobs are to be let go in 2016, but this is perfectly fine because, crime has fallen all across the country.

manchester murder mystery

Hampshire Police Federation chairman John Apter, and Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes, say the cuts could see the end of bobbies on the beat as police officer numbers are reduced. The Police and Crime Commissioner says he is committed to the future of neighbourhood policing, but says he fears the continued level of cuts nationwide will impact police presence on the streets and hence the safety of Hampshire’s electorate. Combine these concerns with the austerity cuts leading to reduced street lighting, and you have credible concerns. Not so says our Prime Minister, and how is this proven? Crime is falling all across the country.

butler st ipn 17th feb 1894 illustration

Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir Thomas Winsor has said a “smaller service” would have to “work smarter” I’m still trying to figure that one out. Meanwhile,Sir Hugh Orde, the Association of Chief Police Officers’ president, has also warned that police forces are struggling to deal with reductions in funding. Whilst Neil Rhodes has claimed Lincolnshire Police will effectively go out of business if the latest round of cuts takes place. According to him the force would be ‘unsustainable’ by 2018, with a shortfall of £10.4million, meaning a fifth of frontline officers would have to be axed. But why are we scaremongering? After all,‘Crime has fallen right across the country’.


In a letter to Home Secretary Theresa May, Police Chief Constable Rhodes said he would have to scrap neighbourhood policing, with bobbies on the beat replaced by ‘just a few’ community support officers. Response times to 999 calls would rise and the ‘range of offences where a meaningful investigation will be possible will reduce’, Mr Rhodes added.Crimes such as theft would have to be largely ignored, and investigations into historic sex abuse and cyber-crime could not be pursued. The officer, who has more than 28 years’ experience, said he would not have spare staff to help at major events or emergencies outside his area.

‘If we were a business, then it would be being funded at below the cost of being in business,’ he said. ‘The cupboard is bare and it is likely that we will be the first force in the country to fall over.’ (Daily Mail December 2014)


Last month Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary warned the ability of six forces, including Lincolnshire, Dorset and Suffolk, to provide an effective service would be at risk after cuts left a ‘very thin blue line’. Lincolnshire Police is particularly vulnerable as it covers the third largest area in England and Wales – 2,292 square miles – and has one of the smallest forces, due to the county’s few cities and relatively low population. What have we, the general public, got to worry about? Has not our Prime Minister reassured us that crime has fallen right across the country?


Poorly lit streets, reduced crime statistics and next to no properly trained and experienced police officers on our streets (not even in those gang crime besieged neighbourhoods) even the Met’s Trident gang unit has had the heart torn out of it. But we should feel reassured, after all, crime has fallen right across the country!

Slavery, The Preda Foundation & Father Shay Cullen


I really don’t know how to describe this man’s work, so I thought I’d start off with this really cheery picture of Father Shay Cullen and two nice looking ladies holding up a Fairtrade poster. Then I thought I’d go on to describe this priest’s parish, which in the words of Danny Smith, founder of the Jubilee Campaign, is ‘Olongapo City (in the Philippines) once described as the biggest brothel in the world’. Now how best to describe Father Cullen’s flock? Here we go,

‘Child sex slaves are chained to beds, abused daily, threatened and tortured, punched and punished, beaten and bruised and made a plaything for the powerful, a toy for the depraved. Many are murdered when no longer useful or a liability to the slave masters. Others commit suicide or perish from disease, abuse and despair’ (Father Shay Cullen,Slavery Now & Then 2007)

A long time ago (in the 80s and 90s by his account) Father Shay Cullen mildly resembled a U.S marine, because he did, he was frequently asked if he wished to buy the services of prostituted…children. That would have been enough to galvanise any decent honourable human being into action. But then the good father was notified of 18 child prostitutes, who had turned up at the local hospital, in need of treatment for a variety of sexually transmitted diseases.

Horrified and enraged (I get the distinct impression) Father Cullen went to the police, only to find that they were too corrupt to be arsed. Not so Father Cullen who having figured out who was doing the buying, and having engaged the help of the Preda Human Rights Team led by Alex Hermoso, campaigned ferociously for the removal of the naval bases fuelling the trade.


Father Cullen’s talent for being a successful nuisance was so pronounced, that the authorities tried & failed to have him deported. It was so pronounced that his life has been threatened, that notwithstanding the naval bases were closed down courtesy of the Philippines Senate in 1992. Problem solved? Problem morphed as has been proved by the sex tourism community that has sprung up in the Philippines, far away from the prying eyes of richer nations like the UK and the U.S. Who would have thought to hear a Priest say this? And I quote,

‘People have come to believe that ‘white is right’. If the foreigners do it then the practice of enslaving women and children for sexual gratification must be right for everyone. Child abuse in Philippine homes has soared in recent years and only now is the full extent being uncovered’

An estimated 1.5 million sex tourists travel to Asia each year. The trade is considered so lucrative that powerful government officials team up with pimps who have remodeled themselves as ‘tourism developers’. Yes, modern slavery is alive and well in the Philippines, due in part to incompetent officials and abusive police (does this sound familiar?). The most disquieting element of this however, are those 1.5 million sex tourists whose permanent homes are in Europe and the UK, not in the Philippines.


The picture of the naked emaciated child is not gratuitous, it is a picture of one of the hundreds of boys and girls rounded up from doorways and roadsides by police in January this year, and put behind bars, to make the poverty-racked city of Manila look more presentable, for the Pope’s visit.




Father Shay Cullen deserves a medal the size of a dustbin lid!