Durand Academy Part 1: Libel Hard


I’d just like to extend my congratulations to Greg Martin, the Executive Head of Durand Academy. Mr Martin has recently been knighted for his services to education,exemplified by the manner in which he transformed the academic ethos of Durand Academy. When he first took over the Durand Academy it was ‘a moral failure’ and facing closure but thanks to his intervention and the team work of his staff the school has been turned around and is now rated as ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED. Michael Gove and Nick Clegg suitably impressed by the school’s progress, paid a visit in 2010 as did the crisis management experts PLMR (Political Lobbying & Media Relations). PLMR were obviously profoundly moved (can one say moved?) by this primary and middle school’s astounding progress because the Managing Director of PMLR, Kevin Craig took the school on as a client having also become the school’s Vice-Chair of Governors.

The Durand Academy must have been extremely grateful, after all here is a man whose views as to crisis management on a variety of issues have been regularly sought. For example, he was featured on Sky News discussing the ‘Horse Meat Scandal’, he’s also been seen on Sky News discussing Murdoch’s Select Committee appearance, and he was also asked to give his views on the lobbying scandal by Sky News, oh, and he was invited to give some insight into how BP might successfully rebrand themselves after that fracking scandal by…Sky News . Mr Craig was instrumental in helping the Durand Academy present its case for setting up a secondary school, that would provide the same quality of education, its students had enjoyed at primary and middle school level. In fact, in 2011, PLMR received 2 Gold Lions at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity; because of the excellent campaign his PR Firm created and ran on the school’s behalf. The cost of this campaign? For yes, though he was the Vice-Chair of Governors his firm did require payment, the cost was a paltry £199,000.

Mr Mohammed Kahn, the Chief Internal Auditor of Lambeth Council has raised concerns about the management of the school on several issues, one of which has been the:
“failure to comply with the Lambeth Council guidance issued following an audit in 2003 of the school’s finances…[specifically] that the governing body ensure complete and transparent separation of duties and activities between the school and its commercial partners.”
One gets the impression that Mr Khan was only trying to do his job when he issued this and two other emails to the Durand Academy. However, the response of the primary and middle school was belligerent to say the least, they recruited Carter & Ruck a top drawer legal firm to pursue a libel action against the unfortunate auditor and Lambeth Council. Just as they previously had, to pursue a libel case against the aggrieved parent of an NQT (more of that later).
Mr Craig Tries To Explain why an Ex-Prime Minister Expects the British Taxpayer To Pay His Security Costs


One thought on “Durand Academy Part 1: Libel Hard

  1. Is there anything this Government does that doesn’t stink. Lambeth Council & the Auditer should let this go to court. Might shine a light on some very dubious practices in the Department of Education.

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