Your Own Personal Jesus: Drone Flights & Christianity


“There’s nothing that complex about cold-blooded murder”
– The International


The Borgia’s, an ambitious,powerful and thoroughly corrupt 15th Century Italian family. Headed up by Pope Alexander VI who fathered four children, the most infamous of whom ditched the priesthood for marriage and military domination.

Now, the Borgia’s I get, you see these were prominent and powerful aristocrats, to them the the ecclesiastical honours of Rome were really all about the acquisition of military and political power. What they chose to do in their roles as Popes and Cardinals had nothing to do with the grass roots version of Christianity that say, St Frances of Assissi, would’ve promoted .


Now, to me the Borgias are reassuring, because for them being a Christian was incidental to pursuing whatever carnal, venal, intrigue filled, self-aggrandizing agenda they had.

I for one, have no difficulty being at ease with folk who are fond of the preaching and teaching so long as it doesn’t interfere with their right to wield a machine gun or rob the poor. Spiritual hypocrites are reassuringly predictable, one can know in advance how low they will sink. Not so with folk who honestly pursue what they mistake for honourable causes.

Take for example, Liberty University, located in Lynchburg, Virginia and founded by Jerry Falwell, a televangelist. Training ‘Champions for Christ’ since 1971, it is one of America’s top military friendly schools, training chaplains who then go on to serve in the armed forces.

Liberty also has a school of aeronautics sited off-campus and training its students in the art of flying umanned aerial vehicles (that’s drones to you and me).


As a result of its online courses of study, Liberty is the largest Christian University in the world. A truly influential academic and spiritual institution that is training a significant proportion of its students to fly weaponised drones in the theatre of war.


Now, visualise this, it’s a sunny Monday morning in Virginia and you are on your way to work having just attended a splendiforous bible study given by young Jed Arbuckle. Jed a well scrubbed, baby faced, church elder, inspired you no end with his take on the story of ‘the good samaritan’.


Jed himself, a devout believer and university graduate, is inspiring. Especially when you compare him to young Buck who has just been released from a federal facility and hasn’t worked a day in his life and very likely never intends to.

Would you be nearly as inspired by Jed if you knew that he had recently graduated from a four year Drone Program; and now holds a job in which, on average, he will kill ten Pakistani civillians AND one militant (terrorist) each day he climbs into his ‘virtual’ cockpit?

The Borgia’s knew they were mocking Christian values to be what they were and do all they did they had to know it. But Jed? He honestly believes he’s doing his country (and Jesus) a service.

That has to be as sad and ironic as President Obama taking time out to visit Robben Island whilst doing little or nothing about the plight of the Guantanamo Bay Detainees.


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