‘Because freedom can’t protect itself’
-ACLU Motto

“What was Uncle Timmy doing in the bathroom with Aunty Tisha?”

“Why ain’t Marla’s Mom home nights?”

“Why does Daddy smoke? My teacher says cigarettes kill”


How often do parents look at the large, enquiring eyes of their off-spring desperately wondering how to answer the importunate and slightly awkward ‘adult’ questions they ask? And how often do they stave off lying by replying “When you’re older I’ll tell you”.

When you’re older I’ll tell you. If you’re a kid you expect to get that kind of evasive reply, adults are never straight up about the things that count. But governments should be and to give those you govern, the same answer you would a child, just won’t do.


The phrase ‘a matter of national security’ appears to be the perceived cure-all for every human rights abuse the UK and the U.S governments don’t care to divulge.

“MI5 collusion with ‘gung ho’ CIA torturers?”
“No comment. It’s a matter of national security”
“Erroneous renditions?”
“No comment, it’s a matter of national security”
“What about the death of innocents, in detention centres thousands of miles away from where they were picked up?”
“National Security”


The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) refusing to let the United States Government and its’ associates, get off ‘Scot-free’ with kidnapping and torturing innocent men, filed a civil suit against a company (a subsidiary of Boeing) which operated the planes that carried the kidnapped men to the detention centres where they were then tortured.


The claimants in this case were men who had been rendered, detained and tortured and then subsequently released without charge. The only exception being Ahmed Agiza who it is suspected failed to receive a fair trial prior to his being imprisoned in Egypt (though he was also subsequently released).


The ACLU didn’t have a hope in hell of winning the law suit, not against the argument that hearing the case could lead to a breach of ‘national security’ but then they would have known that. Just as surely as they would have known that the stories of these five ‘inconsequential’ men may never have been heard had that law suit not been filed.

Using Jeppesen Dataplan the ACLU tried and failed to hold the American Government and its allies to account, for a war that appears to have no territorial boundaries, no moral limit.

Where the ACLU, Wiki-Leaks, Human Rights Watch, Liberty and many others have succeeded is in enabling the grass roots to walk on through the doors they’ve partially opened and do some ass kicking themselves.


People who did not know what the governments they had elected were getting up to in their name now do, and they are vocalising their opposition to the nefarious goings on in every legitimate way they can think of and then some.

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