Mandate Light

The 2003 Extradition Treaty between America & England works very efficiently for both countries. Since it’s review the standard of evidence required for an extradition has been lowered.

There is no need to have a prima facie case in order to apply for the extradition of your ‘suspect’ and bag your man.

The only problem with that is what happens when someone suffering with a learning disability is suddenly transported overseas and into the arms of a judicial system he knows little about.

Most people would display no little concern at the idea of an autistic person (however mild his autism ) being forced to defend himself in a foreign court. Especially when the charges concern allegations of terrorism. This is what has happened to Talha Ahsan.

May be the allegations against him can be successfully substantiated; but when you bear in mind the case of Shaker Aamer, held without charge and without being freed in 11 years it makes you wonder.

Talha Ahsan, a British citizen, could also have been tried in England on home turf with much easier access to his family. That wasn’t permitted to happen and you have to wonder why.


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